Madre Terra - unique products from Brazil for a healthy, beautiful and harmonious Life

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Madre Terra

Madre Terra - unique products from Brazil for a healthy, beautiful and harmonious Life.

Combining knowledge and traditions of different cultures, tribes, herbalists, healers and artisans.

The purpose of the community is to teach everybody how to use herbal and natural medicines for beauty.

You will learn ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures.

Conscious consumption of natural products for daily self-care brings joy, improves mood and connects with the consciousness of the Earth.

Cooperating with small manufacturers of medicinal potions, tribes, keeping knowledge of plant power, we maintain the quality of manual labor.

Here you can find useful information about botanical perfumery, flower essences, plants, crystals, and travels around South America.

Our Services

Altar Light

Sacred Geometry Art


The magic of the smells and essential oils

The Kingdom of Crystals

Minerals, tools for healers and jewelry

The Kingdom of Plants

Medicionals, supplements, superfoods


Flowers, Herbs and Crystals tinctures


to South America for self development and purification

Catalog of Products

We offer to fill your life with every day rituals, add the power of plants, crystals and flowers. In order to have harmonious life, joy of being fulfill your space with Sacred Geometry and journeys for personal growth and self development.

Our Team


Tania Khokh

Founder and inspirator of the project


Alex Goroshko

Founder and Technical Director


The easiest way to make an order is to add the goods you are interested in to the basket, which is located below, under the product description, type the address, choose delivery and payment method and send it to us for processing. We work as a small team, so processing your order can take up to three business days. If you have a non-standard request or offer, please write to us in this form, we will be happy to answer.


After processing the order, you will be contacted to discuss further actions on the contact details that you specify. After approval and payment of the order, it will be shipped from Brazil or our representatives in Europe according to your choice of shipping method.



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