Open knoladge of Alchemy

Welcome to the laboratory of Alchemical healing forms.

Alchemy is the paradigm of the unity of mystical knowledge and the experimental method, where science and spirituality can go together.

Watching life and seeing how everything is interconnected, we understand that our mind, body, health and beauty are also a part of this world.

Therefore, Alchemy is someone’s metaphorical  awakening to an understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter.

Cosmetic in the past used to be alchemical and was based on the transformation of the body and soul in order to achieve harmony. Following this tradition, we restore the old school principles of perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics and Alchemy.

We use only 100% natural original matter (Prima Materia): essential oils, the strength of plants and the realm of minerals.

Our goal is to reach a balance in a simple and accessible way, balancing the body, mind and Spirit.

Using the basic principle of Alchemy "Solve et Coagula" - "Liquefy and Condense" in our recipes, we dissolve the vital energy concentrated in plants and minerals, filling our creations with it.


To order goods, ask some questions about the availability, manufacturing of individual essences, art-products, for advice on traveling to Brazil, write to us, we will be happy to help you.


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